Armchair-travel.jpgLet's go Armchair Travelling!

Travel with Google to explore the world both the outside and some of the inside, even the underneath and out of this world!!

The powerpoint below is to be used at the live webinar on Wed 5th May 2017

Google Earth - Where to download for your computer
Currently Classic desktop Earth must be downloaded and installed onto your computer. However they have made the new Google Earth a web app which works on Google Chrome.
Resources to assist for Google Earth

But there is even more opportunity to armchair travel with fabulous educational and historical sites
Explore links from this page

Want to explore Machu Pichu but don't think you legs will manage the climb? The check out Google Maps Machu Pichu
or explore the Galapagos Islands...

Interested in Museums and the arts?

Some fun to explore
Cultural Institutes -
Street Art Project
How does Google manage to let us explore all these amazing places? Here's a video that gives us some insight into the amazing technology used to record inside museums and art galleries of the world so we can see inside.

Google Art Project 'Teaser' See the video below of an artistic vision of the Google Art Project that enables all of us across the globe to explore art from the world!

Australian travelling
Australian Museum