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The Department of Social Services its consortium members: Adult Learning Australia (ALA), the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) and the University of the Third Age Online (U3A Online) to deliver the Broadband for Seniors initiative nationally.

Support contacts

The Helpline provides daily support to kiosk hosts and volunteer tutors on issues relating to the kiosk; registration of new tutors (including police checks); de-registration of tutors; hardware problems and/or help with the website/Internet.

Support Hotline: 1300 795 897
Email: infobfs@ala.asn.au
Website: http://bfseniors.com.au/

Adult Learning Australia role is to encourage a community of practice for kiosk coordinators and volunteers. ALA runs regular online professional development sessions delivered via webinar. These webinars are freely available to all kiosks and volunteers. ALA also hosts the BfS Google group and, of course, created this wiki as a home for relevant BfS resources.

Broadband for Seniors Information and resources
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BFS and the RSL
Link to Notes for the Webinar on Copyright: http://geoff.greig.net.au/docuwiki/doku.php?id=copyright_webinar

This resource is jam-packed with information about working with seniors in a Broadband for Seniors kiosk.

ALA's state and territory networkers further support kiosk coordinators and tutors by providing advice on recruiting and supporting volunteers; adult learning principles and ICT.

General email: infobfs[at]ala.asn.au (replace [at] with the @ symbol)

State/territory networkers
(replace [at] with the @ symbol)
NSW: Vivian Evans – v.evans [at] ala.asn.au

WA: Marian Vincent – m.vincent [at] ala.asn.au

VIC: Junita Lyon – j.lyon [at] ala.asn.au

SA/NT: Georgina Nou – g.nou [at] ala.asn.au

QLD/ACT: r.page[at]ala.asn.au

TAS: infobfs[at] ala.asn.au

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