Blogging can help you share your ideas and inspirations with the world.

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You can showcase your kiosks activities and promote stories about your Seniors and special highlights in your towns

Blogging puts the power into the hands of everyday regular internet users. It allows you to publish thoughts demonstrate skills and hobbies and share life stories.

Blogging often covers things of interest within our society.

While blogging to some is still considered to be technically demanding, it doesn’t really require too much technical skill it only needs basic computer skills to get started. So a person fairly new to a computer can successfully develop a blog.

Many Senior bloggers will blog in diary format blogging about their lives, family trees, hobbies, holidays thoughts and feelings
Some like to share their knowledge around things like gardening, cooking, photography, arts and crafts and family.
It’s always good to blog about something you are passionate about.

The presence of plenty of free online blogging platforms have made it easy for the blogger in 2016 and allows us to create blogs for no expense or very little.
They vary in style and ability so a free one will be lacking in a few plugins or features that a purchased one will offer. Try a free one first and if you wish to go further then add more.

How to access Wordpress Dashboard

Wix Dashboard and uploading a photo

Editing a blog post on Blogger

It is a good idea to investigate which blogging software will suit you best. Have a look around add comments to blogs you like. Ask questions to those already blogging about what programs they are using.
Bloggers are people that enjoy sharing their digital footprint with the world and many have made successful blogs that have helped them make money, connections and meet others of like mind.

Blogger is a blog-publishing

service that allows multi-user blogs

with time-stamped entries
Free and open-source tool
and a content management
system (CMS) based on
Tumblr lets you effortlessly share
anything.Post text, photos, quote
links, music, and videos from your
browser, phone, desktop,
email or wherever you happen
to be ‘microblog’
If you’re a blogger with an iPad, then
picking up Blogsy. Makes your
iPad a worthy blogging tool
Blue Host
Our simple, secure, and
unbelievably fast managed
WordPress solution
A web-based service that lets
anyone publish articles
online; Wikipedia calls it a
blog publishing platform
provides a powerful
publishing platform for free.
A well-organized interface makes
it easy and offers easy access to its
key features. A simple
drag and drop
Square Space
If you want to create
a blog, eCommerce store,
portfolio you can express
your idea with a website
powered by our elegant yet
intuitive platform
100s of fully customizable HTML5templates available in every category.

Check out this inforgraphic and see what may suit you
Blogging 101 by Jessica Knapp Blogging since 2006

It is a good idea when you start blogging to join and look at other blogs similar to what you wish to create
Where you can draw some inspiration from them.
When you subscribe to other blogs you’re starting the process of connecting with the blogosphere.
Once you find your chosen blogging platform it is a great idea to think about design. This blog has some great ideas

Some quick learning Video Learning guides to help you along

Blogging Gadgets - Adding photos to Wix