A picture tells a thousand words ...Digital Story Telling


Digital stories combine digital images (still or video), a narrated ‘story’ or voice over, and sometimes music or sound effects into a ‘mini-movie’ that usually runs for around 2-4 minutes.
They are a wonderful way to capture lives and local history, and are VERY easy to create.

Preserving oral histories has become an endeavor since around the 70,s when they started collecting recordings.

They realized as time passes, many personal stories of older Australians can be forgotten or consigned to photo albums a distant memory.

The benefits to digital story telling is that it can engage the Seniors who participate.
It teaches new technology skills and can be project based where a group can collaborate together on a community or aged care facility or club project. It also offers reflection as the person delves into past memorys

Digital Story Telling is the artful use of telling a story using simple software on your computer or in the cloud using the Internet.
Designing and communicating our information in a digital story requires us to deepen our thinking and oral language. It helps develop our creativity and allows for reflection.
Digital Story Telling is generally self-directed it is about sharing an experience using a digital story format which helps deepen the communication.
Before starting your digital story create your storyboard

Digital Story Telling

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Digi Tales how to create a digital Story
Digital Story Telling in 2015

Useful tools for Story telling.

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Digital Story Telling


Photo Story is Microsoft's way to create
digital storytelling in 5 easy steps.
For those who want to create a
multimedia movie without having to
learn advanced video editing,
Photo Story provides the perfect
alternative while still allowing you
to use the basics of any video:
images, titles, music and narration.
Digital Story Telling


Captivate your audience by zooming
through your story.
Visually explain how new ideas
relate to each other
Digital Story Telling

Voice Thread conversations are
media-centric, which keeps the
discussions focused
Digital Story Telling/ Blogging

SlideShare is a slide hosting service.
Users can upload files
privately or publicly in PowerPoint, PDF,
Keynote or Open Document presentations.
Slide decks can then be viewed on
the site itself, on devices or
embedded on other sites.
Smile Box.JPG
Digital story Telling /Photography


Smilebox is a photo sharing and
social expression application
intended for
creating digital collages, invitations,
slideshows, e-cards and scrapbooks
for special occasions
Digital Story Telling/Movement


Animoto is a cloud-based video
creation service that produces
video from photos, video clips,
and music into video slideshows.
Photo Story 3 resource
How to use Prezi
What is Voicethread
How to use Slideshare
How to Make a Smilebox slideshow
Creating your first Animoto
Haiku Deck Tutorials
Getting Started with Prezi

Official Prezi tutorials
The New Voicethread

Old Resources Still relevent till August
Getting help with Slideshare Videos

Slideshare Tutorial
Knowledge Base

Learn more about Smilebox

How to save a creation as a video file
How to use Animoto

Signing up to Animoto
How to create videos using Animoto

Digital Story Telling/ Flyers/ Presentations

PPT is a file extension
for a presentation file format
used by Microsoft PowerPoint,
Digital Story Telling

Capzles is a social networking
site that allows you to share
“moments” using pictures, video clips,
audio tracks and text in a timeline
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Digital Story Telling

Storybird lets anyone make
visual stories in seconds.
There are many apps to be
found at the App Store
Image. Robyn JayAlstonville Historical Society

Robyn Jay has a great
website about
Digital story telling .
Flickr (pronounced "flicker") is an image
hosting and video hosting website, and
web services suite
PPT tutorial

Robyn Jay -Digital story Telling
Flickr Resources wiki
PowerPoint 2010
How It works
How it works
iPad Apps for Story Telling

PowerPoint 2013

Slideshare - Voice Thread

Screen Capturing is a great way to create storys and help share information creating simple tutorials.

Screen Capturing Resources

There are a variety of tools you can use to create digital story telling.

eBook resources

FlickR resources


Voicethreads resources