Email resources

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 3.34.21 PM.pngHere are some helpful guides / video tutorials from Telstra:

Email - Introduction to email

How Email works

Client vs. Web Mail


Windows Live Mail - Overview

Send Email using Windows Live Mail

Attach a file to an email in Windows Live Mail

Send your pictures in e-mail

How to add contacts to your Windows Mail Email

How to Get Started with Windows Live Mail For Dummies

Gmail Tutorial 2013 - Introduction & User Interface (Part 1)

Gmail Tutorial 2013 - Sending & Receiving Emails (Part 2)

Gmail Tutorial 2013 - Email Organization and Labels (Part 3)

How to geek: Use gmail as a task list

How to geek: Gmail invitations and vacation responders
Gmail invitations and vacation responders

Introduction to webmail


Internet tips from Keith Harvey
Internet - Where to find news and information
Internet - Search engines
Internet - Finding and enjoying music