Find out more about the BFS program

The NEC's BFS FAQs(Frequently Asked Question) offer some insight into the BFS program.

What is this wiki thing?

A wiki is simply a variation on a website that we are all used to. A wiki allows many people to collaborate and add their information and content. It's like a website that has many webmasters. Because there are so many authors then a wiki can be a bit fluid in layout.
There seems to be 3 levels of authority:
  • 'Organisers' are people who create and manage the wiki. They approve the next level of 'Members'. The current 'Organisers' are Michael Chalk and Catherine Devlin.
  • 'Members' can add and edit content on the wiki, create new pages etc. Members have to be approved by the 'Organisers'. There are links at the top right corner of the main page to join the wiki.
  • 'Guests' are everyone else in the world. They only have view and download access to the wiki. Just like everyone has access to websites.

You can view a full list of the Organisers and Members using the 'Members' link in the top right area of the wiki.
The grey vertical strip on the right hand side of the wiki is the Navigation area. It has links to the other pages. For example the link titled 'BFS Resources' will link to the page where people have been putting up help sheets for others to use; the 'BFS professional development' link takes you to details about Blackboard Collaborate and further links on that page.
A very handy feature on the wiki site is the 'Search wiki' box near the top of the navigation area. Just type in what you are interested in and it will return a list of all items on the wiki with that word. Just like Google does. For example, I just searched for Skype and it returned a list of 8 items at the wiki that have Skype in them. (Note that the Google group also has an excellent search facility too).
I would encourage all group members to:
  • take the time to investigate the wiki;
  • if you would like to contribute anything then join the wiki. We all have some germ of computer info that is worth sharing with others;
  • encourage others to visit the wiki.

Once you become a member then you can:
  • edit existing information or add to it;
  • add links to websites, articles, tutorials, videos etc that you think would benefit seniors of BFS kiosk tutors;
  • upload help sheets or other articles of use;
  • then place links to that material on the appropriate wiki page.

There are thousands of wikis out on the Internet. The biggest wiki of all is probably wikipedia. If you haven't visited and made use of it then I suggest you do.