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Check out our Extensive list of free web resources Links for Beginners and for the more advanced family researchers shared by one of our Guest Webinar presenters Marie Maddock from the SA State Library. Includes links to Cemeteries, Military, Newspapers and more.

A few recommendations in the practice of genealogy:

Your family history begins with YOU

BFS and RSL family History

Family History is popular among Seniors and a number of Kiosks have purchased to assist there Seniors.
A lot of people like to start at Births Deaths and Marriages. There is one for each state and territory.


Births Death Marriages Vic
Births Deaths Marriages NSW
Birth Deaths Marriages QLD
Birth Deaths and Marriages WA
Birth Deaths Marriages SA
Birth Deaths Marriages Aboriginal community NT
Births Deaths Marriages Tasmania
Birth Deaths Marriages NT


The Ryerson Index is a free index to death notices that appear in our Australian newspapers.
Starting with the Sydney Gazette of 1803 up to newspapers that have been published within a week or so
The Index also includes many funeral notices, and some probate notices and obituaries.


Researching family history is very popular and the National Archives holds many records. Australians can find records about Ancestors in these archives. It is a common place to go to find family members that have also served in the Australian armed forces. You may also find family that may have migrated to Australia during the 20th Century
This link will take you to the National Archives

A popular site is one of the most popular sites across many kiosks. Much has changed and now they can use DNA to help find historical records of your family

Once started many people find it exciting and dedicate years to tracing their family trees.