This page has resources and links relating to eBook Readers and eBook files themselves. Click the link and it will open that site in a new Tab or session of your browser. Many of these links are provided thanks to courtesy of Denise at Paynesville Library.

FREE eBooks

  • World Book Fair Includes tutorial on downloading to your PC.

  • Project Gutenberg has an enormous collection of out of copyright titles include: Ulysses, Kama Sutra, Jane Eyre etc.

  • The Ultimate eBook Library (TUEBL) allows download of popular books…or Upload your own ebooks. Most popular ‘Fifty shades of grey’.

  • MakeUseOf Guides has plenty of quite good tech type manuals in both pdf and epub format. They offer to sell you the kindle versions however keep your hand in your pocket as Calibre can quite easily convert formats for you.

eBook Search Engines

  • InkMesh is a search engine to find free ebooks and compare ebook prices for the Kindle, iPhone, Nook, Sony Reader and more.

  • Just Free Books searches the content of more than 700 web sites, including, and .

  • Digi Libraries offers a digital source of free eBooks for any taste, a vast range of titles in digital format and our free eBooks collection is growing all the time.

  • Book Depository is a great way to discover lots of great ebooks (many of which are strange and obscure like, A Honeymoon in Space) with no risk.

  • ereader IQ has a goal to help you make faster, easier and smarter decisions when it comes to managing your Kindle.

  • Internet Public Library Resource has a search facility and extra sites for eBooks.




South Australia

  • public domain books also including George Orwell and some other hard to get authors (where copyright has not expired overseas - in the UK for example).

Online eBook Reviews and forums

  • Product Review is an Australian site that currently has 56 e-readers reviewed. Other sites are at and ebook-reader-review Simply googling for the words 'ebook review' will turn up others. Do your research and particularly ask yourself questions like - pure ebook? ebook with computer like facilities? battery life? back lighting? Budget? It's often a matter of compromise.

  • a popular online forum or community where e-book newbies and industry veterans alike interact and share their experience with e-books and e-book technologies. Or you can use Facebook and go there at Mobileread .

eBook managing software & eBook tools

  • Calibre is an excellent FREE program for managing and converting your ebooks. Watch the online demo. In simple terms, Calibre creates and manages a 'library' of ebook files on your PC (you can have multiple libraries). These ebook files can be in a variety of formats. You connect your ebook to your computer and Calibre will normally recognize it, show what is on it, compare the contents with your 'library' and know what are the best formats for it. Then simply mark which books are to be transferred between the 'library' and the ebook and Calibre does the rest.

Audio books

  • Audio books are great for people with poor sight. (They are great for long drives, and a great way to get other activities done whilst you listen e.g. housework :-)) They are basically mp3 audio files that can be played on cheap and portable mp3 players or even a phone. Many of the above sites also offer audio books.

  • Librivoxhas public domain audio books. They would also love to hear from volunteers to read in books - negligible cost, just your time and effort.