Storing and sharing images using FlickR


FlickR is a really useful tool for storing your images online. It makes it easy to share them with family and friends without the need of emailing large files.
Each image has its own unique URL so you can point people to your whole collection or just parts of it.
You can adjust privacy settings too so that you have some public images and some that only your 'friends' see.
Images can be sorted into sets and collections, and you can even upload short 90 sec videos!

Live presentation by Vivian Evans on Flickr

Please see a copy of the PowerPoint Vivian presented on 17th August 2012 below. (Find A link to the live recording )

Flickr PowerPoint to Download

Here is a short 5 minute video on exploring images on Flickr's Commons site - which hosts public images from museums, galleries and public institutions around the world.

To get started you need a Google, Facebook or Yahoo account but its an easy process. Refer to Robyn Jay's how-to guide on her wiki which will be updated when all the change is finished.