What is wikispaces all about?

This site that you are now looking at is a wikispace set up by the Broadband for Seniors team. It's always interesting to set up a new wiki or website, because you never know quite how people will find it. That top section with "Pages & Files", "Members", "Manage wiki" & so forth is mainly for people editing the site, so it's not useful for people just browsing. Editing wikis isn't always obvious without at least a guided tour. We do continue to update and add new information so that we have a useful resource for you and your seniors to enjoy.

Using our BFS Wiki

Screenr player enlarge screen button.jpg

If you want to make the video bigger to see more clearly select the button at the bottom of the Screenr Video that looks like this (see where arrow is pointing on diagram on the right). When finished you will need to press the 'esc' or escape button on your keyboard to exit out of watching the large screen video.

How to navigate around our Broadband for Seniors Wikispace

Play this 5 minute demo below by Vivian (made 22nd June 2012). Please note as a wikispace is always evolving menu placement could change however the essential features in the video demonstration will still work. Also Vivian is using a tool called www.screenr.com and it cuts off at 5 mins so Viv was caught mid sentence at the end. (Apologies)

How to join our BFS Wiki

Please note you do not have to join to see the content on the site. You will need to join to add information and to join in discussions.
Play this video of Vivian joining our BFS wikispaces website.

Part 3 of our How to use our BFS wikispaces website. In this Demo Vivian shows how she went to sign in after joining and had to verify her wikispaces account by checking her emails.

Introduction to editing wiki pages

1) Once you've signed up, and then signed in, every page has an "Edit" button at the top.

2) Click that and you'll be in editing mode. You'll then have a toolbar which is a bit like a word processor.
wikispaces how to - toolbar.png

3) You can add text, images, links, multimedia, and even embed things from other sites like YouTube.
embed media - wikispaces - 003b.png

4) When you're finished, you'd look for the "Save" or "Cancel" button at the top.

There's a bunch of wikispaces help files available via the top right corner of the site ("Help"), or via this link: help.wikispaces.com .
Post any questions via the Broadband for Seniors (BFS) google group.

(First draft: Michael Chalk, 20Jun12, Contributions by Vivian Evans on 22/6/2012 ) You can see who & when someone has edited any page on a wikispace by checking out the little clock image in the top right hand corner of the wikispace page:
clock.png .